Eye Muscle Scanning

Wairere King rams are all eye muscle scanned (EMA) and the rams for sale are in the top 15% of all Wairere King rams weaned.

As wool has been relegeted to a non cost effective ‘by product’ over the past few years (more on this shortly), rams with a muscular good carcass are crucial to the profitability of your flock. Thats why we have placed a huge emphasis on tracking those genetic traits which produce superior muscling and high yeilding carcasses.

We have also achieved high growth rates in our flock, but when choosing a ram you need to take into consideration the overall condition, biggest and leanest is not always best.

I believe you need to take into account our rams weaning weights & EMA, to get a true indicater of carcass value. In other words how much saleable meat am I going to have going out the gate.

Click here to download our performance records.

Ultimately my objective is to provide commercial sheep farmers with a bloodline which will drastically improve the quality of your flock, and subsequently increase your financial returns.

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