Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Although performance figures can tell you a lot, I believe that you need to sight your rams and judge them by eye as well.

The easiest way is to call or email me and arrange an appointment to come down and view the rams. Once you’re satisfied with the selection we can do the paperwork on the spot.

Cheque, cash, bank deposit, credit card or through your stock agent.

November through early December

Yes we do sell sires, but only to closed flocks.

Yes. When you come down to view the rams, we will meet in the woolshed and all performance records, and progeny data will be available for you to peruse. Also you can refer to last years’ performance records

One ram for every 100 ewes is the norm, a few ewes either way won’t matter.

Yes, conditionjs apply.

Yes, all of our sires are SIL recorded.

It depends on your individual circumstances. Please contact Murray on 0800 002 249 or (07) 896 6722 for a free consultation, or to arrange a farm visit (free of any obligation to purchase).

You should use a combination of performance index data to select a group of rams and then make your final decision on eye appraisal.

Our rams are priced at $1050, $750, $500, and $400 respectively. I believe you should pay the maximum your budget allows, as the top priced rams will pass on the most value to your flock.

Please refer to "Management Practices"

Because farmers have this perception that Perendales are the most hardy sheep breed, I am currently doing a test with Romney, Perendale crosses to examine the results. I personally feel that our high performances Romneys’ are as hardy as any Perendale. However the Romney, Perendale crosses will give me the opportunity to measure any improvement in our flock. And if I’m wrong I will be the first to admit it. These crosses will only be available for purchase to the public, if they prove themselves in commercial farming conditions.

I am a strong believer in pure breeds maintaining the quality of your flock over the long term.

Muscularity, growth, constitution, wool and fertility. Minimal drenching weaning to ram sales: normally 3 drenches.

To make an appointment for a farm visit, or just to discuss some of our management practices please complete the contact form, or you can call me on 0800 002 249 (I am a commercial farmer so am only available for calls before 7am or after 6:30pm), thank you.