Wairere King Facial Eczema Challengers

In our ongoing efforts to increase productivity & profitability for our ram clients, Wairere King are now offering our 'Facial Eczema Challengers (FE Challengers)' for sale. The F.E. Challengers have been a work in progress for some time, and after years of blending the Wairere genetics with some of the highest SIL ranked facial eczema rams we could find, we are now satified that the progeny (our F.E. rams) are ideal for farmers in areas facing a moderate facial eczema challenge.

When we decided to address the issue of facial eczema, we thought why reinvent the wheel, and thats why we bought from the best F.E. resistant flocks in the country.Currently our F.E. Challengers are testing .35. If you are in a hot area, with consistantly high spore counts, you should look for a breeder with a proven higher resistance.

Ramguard are telling us to increase our dosage, as we have had favourable responses from the best of our progeny. However like all things of value, we believe we need to continue testing at current levels, before moving on to face the more severe challenges head on.

Its also important, farmers note that dose rates cannot be used to make comparissons across flocks, as individual animals on different farms have been exposed to and encounter different things, resulting in endless variations or outcomes.

The Wairere King rams will have an F.E. tolerence for 5 years. So we recommend building up your numbers of progeny from the Wairere King, F.E. Challengers, so that in 5 years. When it is time to replace your rams, your flock is already carrying the Wairere genetics, and the F.E. resistance, thereby maximising the performance of your flock with breeding from your new rams. Those with fertility issues will also see an improvement with the Coopworth/composite component of the F.E. Challengers.

Since the impact of the 2008 and concurrent droughts we have changed our market strategy, to meet the demand for facial eczema resistance. However we have maintained our selection protocols, and have applied even more stringent culling than our long proven strategy. 

We feel the F.E. Challengers compliment our Romney ram breeding operation very well, and are a tool which will help a lot of farmers overcome one of the greatest threats to the profitability of their operations, facial eczema.

To find out more about our FE Challengers please call Murray on 0800 002 249 now!